Education Innovation
Private Sector Promotion of Education Innovation

The industrial revolution gave birth to the modern school system. Education has changed in accordance with changing economic demands. The relationship between the private sector and education can be deemed as mutually beneficial when the private sector subsidizes education and education in turn provides knowledge and human resources for the private sector.

For historical reasons, the Chinese private sector that has taken shape over the last 30 years is facing the challenges of globalization. The development of many industries relies more heavily on whether education can provide qualified talent. Therefore, it is essential that Chinese enterprises actively participate in reforming the education.

The 21st Century Education Research Institute is acutely aware that enterprises have a critical role in education reform and believes that education reform in China can be accelerated with greater enterprise participation. Therefore, the 21st Century Education Research Institute has focused on stimulating research, intellectual debate, and enterprise participation, in order to push enterprises to fulfill their responsibility to realize education reform.

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