Education Innovation
Social Organizations Promoting Education Innovation

To tackle the critical problems concerning education in China, we cannot merely rely on the power of the government. In recent years, socialorganizations have had an impressive impact on the field of education. In particular, they have had an active role in research on forward-looking primary education, in aid programs to provide education in impoverished areas, and in government policymaking. The increasing role of social organizations has revealed the need for a platform for these social organizations to share their stories.

Since 2009, the 21st Century Education Research Institute, in cooperation with the Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation, invited education focused social organizations from all over the country to join in a discussion about the future. Conferences are held every two years, with three increasingly heavily attended conferences in 2009, 2011, and 2013. Through these biennial conferences, social organizations have reached a consensus on the education environment in China and affirmed the importance of mutual cooperation and learning for the future of education quality and equality.

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