Education Innovation
Local Education Innovation Award

In recent years, innovative education practices originating at the local government level have sprung up all across China. These innovations have gained widespread attention within Chinese society for their positive influence on education. Promisingly, one of the core measures of the recently promulgated National Plan for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development is to set up pilot education reforms in designated experimental zones. This measure demonstrates that the government has also begun to recognize the importance of investigating local-level education reform. In China, where the education environment is largely homogenous, we are in ever-greater need of local-level wisdom.

To further promote innovation at the level of local public education systems, the 21st Education Research Institute, in collaboration with other social organizations, has introduced the Local Education Innovation Award. The process of qualifying for the prize includes an evaluation by experts, by media organizations, and by the public through the format of online polls. The candidates are selected by survey from around the country. We at the 21st Century Education Research institute hope to stimulate education reform by investigating and adapting these examples of education innovation, and encourage the modernization of education in China with the presenting of this award.

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