Education Innovation
Research on Homeschooling

In recent years, as the public has looked more and more towards diversified and individualized education, some parents have begun to look for education solutions beyond the classroom. A notable trend is the adoption of homeschooling (sometimes called home education) by a minority of parents. Two main types of homeschooling dominate in China: One consists of parents teaching their own children individually. The other consists ofa small group of parents gatheringtheir children together and engaging a teacher. Both methods allow parents to create an individualized classroom wherein they can give their children the education they see fit.

Today, ,homeschooling has become the focus of great attention from the media and the general publicas it has slowly grown in popularity within China.  The 21st Century Education Research Institute has watched as homeschooling has sprouted up across the country, leaving a patchwork of homeschools scattered across the country. The teaching methods and ideals of these homeschoolers are still in the initial stages of development, and progress is being held back by the lack of consistent, in depth communication among homeschoolers.

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