Policy Research and Advocacy
From Primary School to Secondary School

This research program has a main focus on the problem in the selection for secondary school. The objective of the research is to make policy advice that tends to slow down the trend of selection for secondary school, which is a preliminary step to realize equalization of fundamental education. Currently, the program takes information disclosure as an effective starting measure to solve the school selection problem. Through supervising the government and public schools disclosing information of admission in fundamental education, the process of admission from primary school to secondary school would be expected to become fairer, more transparent and open-to-public.

In 2011, the 21st Century Education Research Institute published two reports: What’s the solution to secondary school selection problem in Beijing and policy advice of managing competition and selection for secondary school in Beijing. In March 2014, to further impel information disclosure of secondary school admission in Beijing, the 21st Century Education Research Institute started posting weekly news about information disclosure in Beijing on Sina Weibo, which was collected through the public. Also, influential seminars about this topic were held times to times in Beijing by our institute. 

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