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Transparency in Higher Education

Among all education levels, higher education has been invested with greatest amount by national government. As public sector, higher education administrative departments have the responsibility of disclosing institution information to tax payers of the society to receive public supervision.

However, unlike institutions of higher education in foreign countries which rely on public funds, higher education institutions in China, depending mainly on government’s funds allocation, lack internal motivation to maintain reputation in the society. The implementation of information disclosure is still unsatisfactory, even though the government issued Methods of Information Disclosure of Higher Education Institutions in 2010. Given this problem, 21st Century Education Research Institute started this program to promote information disclosure of higher institutions to the benefit of education equality.

According to the report of employment quality that many higher institutions issued in 2013, 21st Century Education Research Institute evaluated these reports in terms of content completeness, information transparency, and credibility. Here’s the report article:



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