Policy Research and Advocacy
The China Educational Development Yearbook
China's Education Blue Book 2003

China’s Education in 2003: From Growth to Reform . SARS Crisis: Examination of China’s Education and Citizens’ Quality. Headache of Education: Unauthorized Fee Collection. Reform of Peking University: Unveiling China’s University System. Big Events of China’s Education in 2003.


Part 1 Major Report

China’s Education in 2003: Form Growth to Reform

Yang Dongping


Part 2 Special Reports

SARS Crisis: A Test of China’s Education and Citizen Quality

Zhu xinmei


Job-seeking Difficulties for College Students: Reality and Reasons

Chu Jiangting


Reform in Peking University: Reform of Chinese University System Unveiled

Luo Yan and Ye Fugui


Rural Education: Progress and Problems

Zhou Yixian and Zhang Yanshu


System Environment for the Development of China’s Private Education

Hu Wei and Xie ximei


Vocational Education: Crisis and Opportunities

Zhang Rongwei and Lai Jianhui


New Curriculum Reform and Basic Education Experiment

Zhang Xiangyang


Report on China’s Education Funds in 2002

Wang Feng


The Pain of Education: Incerable Unauthorized Fee Collection

Liu Zhipeng


Part 3 Big Events of China’s Education in 2003

Wei Hong and Yang Dongping


Part 4 Literature and Appendices

2002 National Education Development Statistical Bulletin

Strategic Planning on China’s Education and Human Resource Development in the Next 50 Years

Implementation of the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of the Minors”

Survey of Migrant Children Conditions in Nine Chinese Cities

Survey of Compulsory Education Conditions of Migrant Children in Beijing

2002 National Monitoring Report on Students’ Health

Investigation on Extra-Curricular Activities of Students in Primary Schools and Secondary Schools

Analysis of the Characteristics of and Reasons for Junior Secondary School Dropouts in Some Rual Areas

Survey Report on Basic Education in Rural Area of Guangxi Province

Record of Education Expenses of a Student’s Parent

Investigation on Reform of the Entrance Examination System of Higher Education

Preliminary Statistics on the Employment of College Graduates in 2003

An Empirical Study on “Sexual Discrimination” in the Employment of College Students

Investigation on Northern Jiaotong University-A Severely Afflicted Area of SARS

2003 Top 100 Universities in China

2003 China Graduate School Ranking





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