Policy Research and Advocacy
The China Educational Development Yearbook
Chinese Research Perspectives on Educational Development, Volume 1
Chief Editor: Yang Dongping. Deputy Editors: Chai Chunqing, Huang Shengli

The first volume of the English-language Chinese Research Perspectives on Educational Development (formerly The China Educational Development Yearbook offers international scholars a glimpse into key issues in Chinese education today from the perspective of Chinese academics, practitioners, and applied researchers. This volume starts with an excellent overview of educational developments in 2010, which witnessed the formulation of theOutline of China’s National Plan for Medium and Long Term Educational Reform and Development 2010-2020.

With the formulation of the Outline and the start of implementation in 2011, China saw progress by the government, at all levels, in prioritizing educational development. Scholars and practitioners discuss the significance of the Outline and its implications on the development and reform of pre-school education, basic education and higher education. In addition, this volume provides timely surveys and research on a variety of topics from government’s investment in education to the mental health of Elementary and Secondary school teachers and students.

Chinese Research Perspectives on Educational Development, Volume 1 informs the Western readers of the current educational development in policy, practice, and research in China.

Chinese Research Perspectives on Educational Development is a co-publication of Brill and Social Sciences Academic Press (China).


Table of contents

Chapter 1: Upgrading Educational Models, Pushing through Educational Reform at the Institutional
Yang Dongping

Chapter 2: The Decision-Making and Evaluation Process of the Outline of China’s National Plan for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development, 2010-2020
Ma Hui

Chapter 3: Population Change and Change Tendency of Education Patterns
Kuai Pengzhou and Jiang Quan

Chapter 4: Brain Drain and Talent Internationalization Strategy of China
Wang Huiyao

Chapter 5: The Rapid Development of Preschool Education Calls for Equality
Chu ZhaohuiFeng Xiaoxia, and Zhang Feng

Chapter 6: Promote the Balanced Development of Intra-regional Compulsory Education
Zhang TianxueLi Kang, and Xu Huinan

Chapter 7: New Classrooms and New Education: The Practice and Exploration by the Grass Roots
Liu Huquan

Chapter 8: New Progress in the Education Policy for Children Living with Rural Migrant Worker Parents (农民工随迁子女) in Beijing and Shanghai
Fan Yuanwei and Zhong Changhong

Chapter 9: Practice and Exploration of "Home Schooling" in China
Wang Yuguo

Chapter 10: An Exploration of the Reform of National College Entrance Examination and Enrollment System
Wang Jian

Chapter 11: Management and Personnel Training Model of Three Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Universities
Li Xinling

Chapter 12: New Exploration of Nongovernmental Education
Chai Chunqing

Chapter 13: Survey of Large Classes in China's Elementary and Secondary Schools
Wang Xiong

Chapter 14: New Curriculum Reform (新课改): Comments from Teachers
Wang LiZhang Junlie and Xue Wenjun

Chapter 15: Investigations on Rural Boarding Schools (寄宿制学校) in Gansu Province
Li Zelin

Chapter 16: A Study of "Prep Classes for Overseas Study in High Schools" in Some Cities of China
Mo Lijuan

Chapter 17: Research on Education Informatization (教育信息化) Construction and Resource Utilization in Elementary and Secondary Schools
Zhang GuohuaLi JingXu Jingjiuan, and Li Shaoyan

Chapter 18: Survey Report on the Mental Health of Elementary and Secondary School Teachers and Students in Poverty-Stricken Areas of Western China
Our Frees Sky (OFS)

Chapter 19: Research on the Implementation of Performance-Related Pay (PRP) for Teachers during Compulsory Education Stage in China---Take Shandong Province and Gansu Province as Examples
Qing Feng and Zhao Mingren

Chapter 20: Survey Report on Parents' Choices for Extracurricular Training Classes
Yang Min 

Chapter 21: Research on the Employment Status of the Graduates from Six "Project 985" Universities
Li Chunling

Chapter 22: Analysis of the Government's Investment in Education in 2010
Zhou Ling

Chapter 23: 2011 Survey of Public Satisfaction Rate toward Education in Major Cities of China
Yang Min

Chapter 24: New Progresses in Regional Education System Innovations
Deng Yuhong

Chapter 25: CPPCC Education Proposals in the Two Sessions (两会) in 2010
Che Hui


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