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The China Educational Development Yearbook
The China Educational Development Yearbook, Volume 2
Chief Editor:Yang Dongping. Associate Editor: Chai Chungqing

The second volume of the English-language The China Educational Development Yearbook offers international scholars a glimpse into key issues in Chinese education today from the perspective of Chinese academics, practitioners, and applied researchers. An edited translation of the 2009 volume of the Chinese-language Blue Book of Education, it opens with an excellent overview of educational developments in the preceding year by Dr. Yang Dongping. Beyond providing authoritative, up-to-date sources on developments in mainline topics in educational policy, practice, and research in China, this volume offers timely attention to the educational implications of three major developments that have occurred outside the realm of the educational system: the occurrence of the tragic Sichuan Earthquake; the convening of the Paralympics in Beijing; and the growing presence of migrant children in China’s cities.



Emily Hannum

1. Development Report of China’s Educational System in 2008 
Yang Dongping

2. Damage and Recovery after the Wenchuan Earthquake 
Zeng Guohua

3. The Reconstruction of Educational Facilities in Earthquake-Hit Regions 
Diao Wen

4. School Building Safety Policies in China 
Zhang Hongwei

5. Post-Disaster Psychological Aid 
Liu Zhengkui, Zhang Hongyu, Long Di, Zhu Zhuohong, Shi Zhanbiao, Wang Wenzhong

6. Promoting the Balanced Development of Compulsory Education 
Li Xinling

7. Expenditures of Public Education in China
Yue Changjun

8. Higher Education in China in 2008
Jiang Kai, Wang Feng

9. Development of Vocational Education: Issues and Recommendations
Zhang Mei

10. Changes in the Development of Private Education 
Chai Chunqing

11. The Professional Development of Teachers in China
Zhu Xudong, Xu Wenqiang

12. Progress in the Reform of the Chinese University Enrollment System 
Wang Xiong

13. Controversies of Early Childhood Educational Development
Chu Zhaohui

14. The Development of Special Education in China
Qi Kemin

15. Progress in Education for the Children of Rural Migrant Workers
Li Yang

16. The Development of the Educational Training Market in China
Zhang Yazhe

17. A Survey on the Family Backgrounds of Senior Middle School Students in Urban Areas of China 
Discussion Group on the Current Situation of Primary and Middle School Education in China

18. A Study on Primary and Secondary Boarding Schools in the Central and Western Areas of China
Cheng Gang, Mo Lijuan

19. Construction of the Migrant Worker Learning Community
Cheng Fangping

20. Research on Employer Requirements for Professional Skills of College Graduates
MyCOS HR Digital Information Co., LTD 21st Century Education Development Research Academy

21. Analysis on the Correlation between College Graduate Majors and Occupations 
Xiong Bingqi, Wang Boqing

22. An Empirical Study on Gender Discrimination of College Graduates Seeking Employment
Lin Li

23. 2008 Report on Public Satisfaction with the Educational System in China’s Major Cities
21st Century Education Development Research Academy

24. Analysis of Local Government Educational Expenditures in 2007 
Zhou Ling

25. A 2008 Assessment of Information Disclosure on the Websites of 40 Educational Authorities at the Provincial Level
Wang Sheng, Guo Nuo

26. The Award for Innovation of Local Educational Systems 
21st Century Educational Development Research Institute

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