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The China Educational Development Yearbook
The China Educational Development Yearbook, Volume 3
Chief Editor: Yang Dongping

The third volume of the English-language The China Educational Development Yearbook offers international scholars a glimpse into key issues in Chinese education today from the perspective of Chinese academics, practitioners, and applied researchers. This volume starts with an excellent overview of educational developments in 2009, which witnessed the formulation of theNational Outline for Medium and Long Term Educational Reform and Development initiated by the Chinese government. The formulation of the Outline is a milestone event for Chinese education and has triggered enormous enthusiasm for the belated educational reform. Scholars and practitioners discussed the significance of the Outline and its implications on the development and reform of pre-school education, basic education and higher education. In addition, this volume provides timely attention to the educational implications of major developments such as the impact of the financial crisis on China’s education, corruption in various branches of academics, and the development of non-profit educational organizations.

The China Educational Development Yearbook, Volume 3 informs the Western readers of the current educational development in policy, practice, and research in China.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: 2009 Blue Book of Education: China on the Eve of Tremendous Changes
Cheng Fangping, Liu Yiguo, and Wuhua

Chapter 2: Formulation of National Outline for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development
Huang Shengli and Diao Wen 

Chapter 3: Development and Reform of Pre-School Education in China: Under the Focus of Public Opinion
Gao Xia and Zhang Shouli

Chapter 4: Deviations from Proper Norms and Standards and “School Selection Rush” Plaguing Primary and Secondary Schools
Li Xinling and Fan Weichen

Chapter 5: A Research on the Modern Distance Education Project for Rural Primary and Secondary Schools in Four Counties in Gansu Province
Zhang Mei and Zhang Jin 

Chapter 6: A Research on Implementation of Performance-based Pay Policy of Teachers in Compulsory Education
Chai Chunqing and Wang Xiong 

Chapter 7: Pay Attention to and Improve the Growth Environment of Teenagers
Huang Shengli

Chapter 8: Corruption in College Admissions and Countermeasures
Wang Xiong and He Zhongzhou

Chapter 9: Higher Education: Facing “Tisen’s Question”
Yang Min, Wang Feng, and Lin Li

Chapter 10: Survey on Implementation of the National Stipend Policy in Secondary Vocational Schools
Fo Zhaohui and Xing Hui 

Chapter 11: Financial Crisis and China’s Education
Xiong Bingqi

Chapter 12: Analysis on Educational Financing of Central and Local Governments in China in 2008
Zhou Ling

Chapter 13: A Retrospection of School Removal and Merging in Rural Areas
Yang Lan

Chapter 14: A Revisit to the Education of Migrant Children under New Circumstances
Wang Xiaoyan

Chapter 15: A sample Survey of the Integration of Smaller Ethnic Group Culture into the National Curriculum System of Basic Education
Ba Zhanlong, Hai Lu, and Zheng Lijie

Chapter 16: Corruption and Irregularities in Academic Activities and Abnormal Academic Ethos
Ge Jianxiong

Chapter 17: 2009 Public Satisfaction at Educational Provision in Thirty Chinese Cities
21st Century Education Research Institute

Chapter 18: The Development of Educational Non-Profitable Organizations
Liang Xiaoyan


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